• Samantha-Paige

Life's Next Chapter!!

A lot has happened since I made my first blog post when my second dog, first beagle, Autumn, passed away. The new year came and now it is almost gone. My boyfriend of (almost) 5 years had officially been accepted and decided to attend Case Western Reserve for medical school.

Case Western's medical school semester started mid-July so I didn't have most of the summer to spend with him to do a bucket list of summer activates before we said good-bye and he moves into Cleveland to attend school. We did visit Cleveland to look for apartments together and we came to a easy agreement on the place. The plan was that he would spend a decent amount of time living on his own prior to me moving in. My boyfriend wanted to do this because there is a chance that, although we've dated for years, we can find out that we're not meant to live together. Thus the relationship would end and he would already know what it's like to be on his own.

It's early September now and we decided during my Cleveland visit in August that "now" would be a good time to move in. I gave work my two week notice and have been going through my room to figure out what is staying at my parents' home, what is going to get donated, and what is coming with me. I don't have a truck to bring furniture and all my other crap (my boyfriend took a dresser from me when he initially moved since he rented a truck). I just have my car that has a huge trunk but I may still be limited to what I can bring.

Yes, ever since I discovered that I will be moving in, I have been applying to jobs, mainly veterinary receptionist one to gain experience to eventually become a vet tech. One day when I was back in Chicago-land, I applied for a doggies daycare and they called me within the next couple of days. They were looking for someone immediately so they did have an issue with my start date. However, they were thrilled that I had experience so they made the exception and did a phone interview instead and ended up hiring me! As of right now I have an interview scheduled after having a phone interview for once I officially move in. This would be a part-time job on some days after I work at the doggie daycare.

The big changes for me are moving out of my parents' home, moving in with my boyfriend, and learning to "live on my own." "Adulting" if you will. Paying rent, being more careful with money since now I have to pay those expenses like groceries, whatnot. At least I'll be paying for half my rent and a chunk of the grocery bill (needless to say, my boyfriend eats much more than me) so this new situation won't be hitting me hard. The other challenging thing would be to not being around Sadie and Bo, my dogs. They are my parents' dogs (registered under their name) and they've spent so many years in the place they call home so it would be wrong to take them away from a great setup. Plus they have a yard! Also, I would only be able to take one, rather than two, another reason why it isn't a good idea to take them. Then there's the expense of vet bills that I rather save up for awhile for.

Yes, I will be adopting a dog that would be officially mine. My boyfriend and I would pick him/her out, agree on a name, and go from there. However, that will be later on. The dog would be adopted because 1) it's cheaper 2) many need adoption 3) I've volunteered at a rescue facility so I understand the importance of adopting dogs out so more can be rescued and 4) agencies get to know the dog's personality so we can find the perfect one for our lifestyle and living situation verses getting a puppy and seeing it's personality develop as it grows (which may lead to a problem)

That's all I'm going to say about this major chapter in my life. Gotta go pack those boxes!!