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Another One Across the Rainbow Bridge

This is Autumn. She was the second dog that was added to my family. Our first one was Max, a rat-terrier mix who passed at a guesstimated age of 13. He passed of lung complications, something we knew he had since he was 3. Now with Autumn, we found out she had a tumor, frankly, in her lungs.

We had Autumn for 6 months after receiving her diagnosis. My family knew when her day was after she, a beagle, rejected food. First she was still interested in food, but her body would vomit it up not much long after eating it. That evening, she just gave up on eating food all together, even turning her head away from the food like a toddler saying no to broccoli. So she had no food in her system, still would drink water, but would eventually throw that up, too. Autumn got very weak despite her capability of walking. She fell over a few times so if the food rejection wasn't a big enough sign, falling over was other indicator. The following day, my mother called our vet as soon as they opened and not long after that, my father, mother, and I (not my brother) were at the vet with Autumn.

With both Max and Autumn, they did go to the vet to go to the Rainbow Bridge. We are a family that can't stand to see our dogs suffer. If there is a medicine that can aid our dogs, we would invest in that medication to help our dog(s) feel better. However, we know when they've had enough. The major sign in many cases of it being the dogs' time is not eating / not keeping food down, that was the case for my best friend's dogs, too. It just doesn't seem right to keep a dog when they in terrible pain and would only get worse and worse.

My area has a dog limit. Residents were able to own up to 4 dogs at one period, according to Max's adoption records. My family adopted our third dog, Bo, from the same adoption agency as Max and the paperwork from 2007 and 2015 changed, that's how we learned that there was a limit, and that it was changed to 4 to now 3. As of November 24th, 2018, we have two dogs, Bo and Sadie. Bo was picked out mainly from my brother and Sadie was mainly picked out by me. Max in '07 was my dad's choice and Autumn in '08 was, you guessed it, my mom's pick. I most likely will be moving out of my parents house within a year (it's almost 2019, and I'm thinking more of 2020 is when I will have my own place) however, by doing easy 'math,' it is my dad's turn to decide on the next dog, rather if he wants to have up to 3 again when he's ready or he wants to stick to 2 dogs, it's his call. At least for me, I will always have 2 dogs. I would have 16 dogs at a time if I could. Regardless, I think the perk of dogs not living for 20+ years is so our home can open up to give more dogs their forever home.

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